Set-up business in Slovakia in cooperation with PSA Peugeot

Set-up business in Slovakia in cooperation  with PSA Peugeot
In cooperation with French – Slovak Chamber of Commerce and PSA Peugeot – Citroen Slovakia we´re trying to find out foreign SMEs which would be interested to locate, enlarge or set –up their business in Slovakia.  Especially nearby the PSA´s plant in Trnava, PSA has got free spaces/halls with overall area of 325 000 square metres.  PSA would like to integrate the key automotive suppliers.
Target group:  SMEs and companies active in the automotive industry with ambitions to set – up or enlarge their new business branch in Slovakia. Offered free area  are available for purchase or rental purposes in terms of supply production, service centers, warehousing etc. Companies which deals with production related to engine components and parts are more than welcome.
Capacity: max 10 – 15 companies from whole Europe altogether (there might be 2 companies from France, 3 from Germany for instance)
Date: to be confirmed ASAP, probably in the middle of March. It will be an infoday with duration max 5-6 hours.
Place: PSA Peugeot Citroen premises in Trnava, Slovakia
Programme: the representatives of PSA will introduce to selected participants what they ´re offering and what the participants would gain from their common cooperation in this industrial park.
Weiteres Vorgehen: bitte senden Sie bei Interesse Ihre Kontaktdaten einschließlich Website-Adresse Ihres Unternehmens an bis spätestens 20.02.2017. Wir geben die Interessenbekundungen an den anfragenden EEN-Partner (Enterprise Europe Network) weiter. Ihre Interessenbekundung wird vertraulich behandelt.